This Puppy Has Never Seen A Cat Before, But Watch What The Kitten Does

When Skipper the Dalmatian puppy met his black and white kitten friend, we had no idea that they would end up making such an adorable duo and I bet they didn’t either. It’s like they were color-coded for each other.

In this heart-warming video we see what happens when an adorable little puppy meets a kitten for the first time. At first the pup seems startled and confused by his feline companion, but after a few barks he seems to understand that he’s in the process of making himself a new friend.

Ever since Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, these speckled pups have held a special place in our hearts. This ancient breed of dog is known for their playful nature, but as cute as they are, please be aware that these dogs are very energetic and require a lot of attention and extra playtime. These sprightly dogs need plenty of space and a ton of exercise, just like the cute puppy in the video above needs, too.

To make matters even more adorable, the tiny little kitten in this perfect video shares the same color scheme as his bigger friend. Make sure to watch what happens at the :15 mark if you want a double-dose of adorable. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Now that this puppy has a new friend with just as much energy as he has, this friendship should work out just fine.

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This Puppy Has Never Seen A Cat Before, But Watch What The Kitten Does