Labrador Lies On Side, Loudly Snoring. I Have No Idea How Anyone Else Sleeps There.

Many of us have been guilty of snoring at one point or another. I know that my wife has poked me awake sometimes to make me shift over. Well, I’m aiming to lose weight so that it’s not a regular occurrence anymore. People are far from the only species to have to deal with snoring. I wonder if sharks snore – Anyways, one of the prime examples is dogs. Take a look at this huge canine sawing some logs –

The short video shows a lab asleep on his or her side. After every breath, the pooch’s muzzle makes a flapping noise. It sounds like if you take a breath and then go ‘BBBRRRRRRRR’ as you exhale. That goes on for every – single – breath. There’s a reason why we only hear 20 seconds worth of it. I’d go nuts if it went for a minute. It’s very cute and seeing the dog’s mouth vibrate like that is cool, but it could turn annoying very quickly.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear this sound going on in another room. It be really confusing. ‘Are they repairing something outside? Is the air conditioner on the fritz? The washing machine about to overflow? Oh – it’s just the dog. Never mind.’ Still, if I were nearby, I’d want to use earplugs or something else until the dog woke up. That’s one sound that I don’t think I could ever tune out.

The snoring sounds the dog is making is cute, but it does seem like he or she’s extremely overweight and that’s contributing to the sounds being made. It’s entirely possible that this dog is pregnant, and that would be the reason why there’s so much extra poundage. If that’s not the case, though, I hope that his or her mommy or daddy get the pooch out and encourage exercise and smaller portions.

What do you think? Is this a cute thing or a dangerous health risk for the dog? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments section. Be respectful!

Labrador Lies On Side, Loudly Snoring. I Have No Idea How Anyone Else Sleeps There.