Young guy walks his pug outside their house for the first time

Dogs and kids are proven to have excellent bonding moments when they are together. Their joyous laughter and unending giggles whenever they play are a complete sign that they enjoy each other’s company.

But aside from playing inside the house, kids and dogs love going outside. Especially an expansive and vacant backyard where they can run freely along with the trees.

This little guy and his pug are an excellent example of human and dog friendship. They love hanging around outside, enjoying the beautiful scenery while playing.

But this time, the little boy has his chance of holding the dog’s leash so they can walk nearby. Well, it ends up seriously funny and memorable. It’s not every day that you can see a small kid holding a dog’s leash while walking.

Just by the thought of it, you can simply tell that these two are having the best time of their lives. No devices, no gadgets, and of course, no internet.

They are just purely playing as if there is no tomorrow for them. The smile, giggles, and energy they are giving are proof enough to everyone that they are happy.

Over the course of time, dogs are continuously proving that they deserve the title of being man’s best friend. Though they don’t have to, they still keep on doing so.

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Young guy walks his pug outside their house for the first time