12-Year-Old Boy Designs LEGO Wheelchair for His Puppy With Missing Front Legs

Gracie was an abandoned puppy who landed on the doorstep of Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Georgia. When the volunteers found her, her fur was full of maggots, and they noticed that her two front legs were missing as well.

A short time later, a 12-year-old boy named Dylan and his family adopted Gracie. Dylan’s family already owned two other dogs who had special needs, and they found the perfect match for their family when they saw Gracie at the animal rescue.

The family loved their new puppy, but their son had a clever idea. Dylan is a creative boy who likes to build new things with Lego bricks. After having his new puppy for just a week, we decided to build Gracie her own wheelchair using his lego collection.

Gracie can now cruise around like the rest of the dog’s thanks to her new customized wheelchair. It accommodates her needs and allows her to easily get around her new home. Once Gracie has finished growing, she will get a newly fitted wheelchair to use.

This cute puppy not only gets a new home after being left at an animal rescue, but she also gets a new way to get around thanks to her new owner. Born without legs, her new friend makes the pup her very own wheelchair. #Puppy #LEGO #Boy #Pets