2-Yr-Old Hasn’t Seen Her Army Daddy For A Long Time. When He Surprised Her Like This? Sweet!

This video was originally uploaded to HomecomingHeroes.com, a website dedicated to surprise military homecoming videos. It is a wonderful showcase of the reunion of our brave service members with their family and friends. Updated every day!

There are a lot of touching surprise reunions with the service member’s dog. That’s to be expected ” dogs are silly and affectionate animals. There aren’t as many surprise reunions with a male service member and his wife or girlfriend. That’s not always a good idea since the wife and girlfriend might think that he had had an illicit rendezvous somewhere beforehand. Female service members also don’t surprise their husband or boyfriend that often. It’s probably because they are afraid that their partner might think of them as being controlling and trying to spy on them under the cover of surprise.

The most popular surprise videos are ones in which the service member surprises his or her child! Reunion videos with their boys are not as fun, for boys are often taught to conceal their feelings. Reunion videos with girls are the best by far, especially between fathers and daughters in my opinion. When Daddy finally comes home, there’s no sweeter feeling in the world.

This is an amazing video that shows a man in army fatigue dropping in and surprising his 2-year-old girl at pre-school. The girl was so shocked and happy that she couldn’t stop mumbling daddy, daddy, daddy… How sweet was that?

2-Yr-Old Hasn\'t Seen Her Army Daddy For A Long Time. When He Surprised Her Like This? Sweet!