A wide canal is no problem for this jumping dog

This dog runs and jumps over a wide canal effortlessly, sticking the landing quite well too.

A dog runs on the grass near a canal, obviously planning to jump across it. Rasputin by Boney M. is his theme song it seems, as it plays over the footage.

He is a Belgian Malinois, known for their size and their athleticism. As he gets to the edge of the water he makes his jump.

The jump is powerful, the dog is obviously practiced, knowing the exact moment to jump. And aware of how much strength he needs to use.

In the air, it almost seems as if he isn’t falling, but is instead flying. The dog defies gravity for a few brief moments.

On the other side, he lands with space to spare. It seemed no trouble to him at all. Apparently, there is lots of footage of him clearing canals.


#dog #foryou #fyp #lovedog #cutedog is that explosive enough?

♬ Rasputin (Single Version) – Boney M.

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A wide canal is no problem for this jumping dog