He Ate All The Food, And The Dog Got Mad. Don’t Miss What He Does After… He’s

I think that, if there’s one think we can all agree on, is that dogs are the most loyal companions that we could ever hope to have. They instantly become new members of the family when they first arrive home, and they even adopt some of their human friends’ traits as a way of showing just how much they love them. If you’re a lucky and proud dog parent yourself, you must be perfectly sure of what I’m talking about. They sometimes even seem to respond when you talk to them, even if it’s not with words.

The dog in the following video attempts to communicate with his dog friend, and he tells him about the fridge that mysteriously disappeared from the fridge while he was away. Even the most disciplined dogs will do whatever they can to get their favorite food when their humans are not around; it’s just part of their nature. But the pup in this video surely is adorable!

The way he responds to his human is just too cute and guilty, it’s just impossible to give him all the blame. I could never scold a dog that reacted like that, we can only hope that the food doesn’t hurt his tummy. Dogs will stop at nothing to eat their favorite snacks!

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He Ate All The Food, And The Dog Got Mad. Don\'t Miss What He Does After... He\'s