Baby Girl Starts Crawling For First Time. Wait Until You See Who Is Waiting For Her.

Remember when your child first started crawling? Wasn’t it amazing? He or she going from just laying on the floor going, ‘Ehhhhhhh’ to gradually moving under their own power to moving around quickly. Of course, as a work-at-home parent, I was just a wee bit annoyed that I couldn’t just stick my son in a bassinet and work. I actually had to MONITOR him. Well, the parents of this baby saw her first crawl.

We see a baby girl on the floor. She’s trying to crawl for the first time. It all seems so easy, doesn’t it? Crawling, that is? Of course, we’re adults now and we know what we have to do. When a baby’s doing it for the first time, it’s daunting, since they are just learning how to work their arms and legs. Fortunately, there’s a large, four-legged cheerleader mere feet away just waiting and watching.

All this baby needs is a target for her to get to and she’s got it with this dog. The dog, for her part, is eagerly waiting for her arrival. It’s just that this baby’s learning to do this for the first time and, well, snails move faster than babies crawling for the first time. Wait until she gets the hang of it, though. She’s going to be racing around the house, probably challenging the pooch to see who can get to the kitchen first.

Finally, she gets close enough to the dog, and the dog turns around and crouches in a playful gesture ” you can tell this since her tail is wagging. After a few seconds, she leans forward and gives the girl a gentle lick on the face as a reward for her hard work crawling! This delights the little girl and the video ends with her having a huge smile on her face. Wait until she sees this when she’s older!

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Baby Girl Starts Crawling For First Time. Wait Until You See Who Is Waiting For Her.