Michigan The Dog Was Saved From The Icy Lake And Now He Gets A Furever Home

Michigan The Dog Was Saved From The Icy Lake And Now He Gets A Furever Home

Cold temperatures are amongst stray dogs’ worst enemies. Whenever they are living in harsh environments, it is difficult to realize all the things they must go through daily. Cold temperatures don’t only take the lives of stray dogs; they can also take the lives of homeless people.

There are many government programs that are established to protect these people and make sure no lives are lost. There are also private organizations that take it upon themselves to help people in dire need. By providing shelters, homeless people can find a place to at least spend the night far from the unforgiving elements. After a good night’s sleep, they can go about their day and get to come back to a roof over their head every night.

Unfortunately for animals, there are no such organizations. Nothing of this nature has been set up. What some people do is create nonprofit organizations that rescue stray dogs and finds them a loving home. As far as the other dogs are concerned, they need to fend for themselves. In some cases, freezing temperatures take their toll and some of these animals get very sick. Whenever one of them gets injured, the freezing temperatures will make his recovery a lot slower.

Everyone knows that food is very hard to find in extreme environments. In these cases, some of the dogs are forced to look for food in places they would normally not go to. Such is the case of this next dog. He is looking for food and decides to check the surface of frozen Lake Michigan. He could see a few birds and small animals from a distance. He hopes to catch one of them and at least eat something.

While he is checking the surface, he steps on some very thin ice. This makes the dog fall into the freezing waters. If you have ever experienced this, you will understand the shock that your body goes through. Your heart is forced to beat exceedingly fast to provide all body parts with a constant flow of oxygen. The sudden change causes you to get the feeling of not being able to breathe. You start to gasp for air while trying not to panic at the same time.

We all know dogs are good swimmers, but freezing waters are dangerous to any living creature. A few people see the dog trying to stay afloat and struggling to stay alive. The dog finally makes it out of the freezing waters. He is suffering a severe case of hypothermia. Luckily for him, he is found by a good police officer who sees the dog needs help and makes sure he gets it.

The officer who saved him gave the dog a new name: Michigan. Michigan’s future doesn’t seem very bright. This officer will make sure that the pup finds his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Which is what THIS video is all about. We get a great rehash of his rescue, and now Michigan gets a home. Talk about happy – check out the video below.

Michigan The Dog Was Saved From The Icy Lake And Now He Gets A Furever Home