Dad Introduces His Vicious Dog’ To A Kitten, And You’ll Melt At His Reaction

Pit Bulls, by reputation, are one of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs anywhere. It seems like each generation has a breed of dog that, for one reason or another, gets a bad reputation as being dangerous or vicious, usually because of what the owners of the breed do and not because of the dog itself. For the last several years, unfortunately Pit Bulls have received a bad rap as a vicious breed of dog, partly because so many owners use them as fighting dogs.

You will see a different side of Pit Bulls in the next video. You’ll see that they can be kind and caring when they are raised properly. This clip gives a brief look into this breed’s kindness and incredible ability to love. Molly is only a year old in the video, but she’s already quite big, and when you see what she does with this kitty, you will fall in love with her.

Molly’s owner is Francisco and he brings home the newest member of the family to meet her so they can get to know each other. Molly’s reaction is so cute that not even Francisco expected to such a strong response to her love and affection for the newest family member.

This video definitely challenges the stereotype of a Pit Bull and shows the true nature of these animals. I’m sure after you watch it you will love Molly as much as I do.

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Dad Introduces His Vicious Dog\' To A Kitten, And You\'ll Melt At His Reaction