This Mistreated Dog’s Appearance Horrified Rescuers Until They Took A Closer Look At Her Neck

New pet owners take on new responsibilities. Pets require consistent care, love, and attention, and they also have to be disciplined and trained so that they can understand commands and stay on their best behavior. In some ways, animals are like little kids. However, while many people are horrified by the thought of child abuse, they rarely pay any mind to issues of animal abuse. Far too many people cause serious harm to their pets, and it’s truly heart-wrenching to think about.

This pit bull’s name is Roxanne. She was found wandering the streets of Columbia, South Carolina, and was hardly recognized as a pit bull when she was found! A kind stranger gave her the assistance she needed. Her condition was quite scary, and it’s upsetting that someone allowed her to be in such poor shape. Roxanne had a chain wrapped so tightly around her neck that it was cutting off her circulation.

When she was brought to the vet, she was put under anesthesia so that the chain could be removed from her flesh. It took bolt cutters and patience to finally remove the chain from the poor animal, and she was taken to the emergency room to determine whether or not her injuries were too severe for her to survive.

A real trooper, Roxanne pulled through and had a wonderful recovery. Her facial swelling started to go down and she grew more playful as time went on. She’s no longer the miserable pooch that was found on the street, but instead is a glowing, happy dog with increasing amounts of energy and love. Her giant smile is a sure sign that she’s ready to move forward and find a forever home that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

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This Mistreated Dog\'s Appearance Horrified Rescuers Until They Took A Closer Look At Her Neck