This Dog Doesn’t Want To Eat Her Food, And Wait Till You See What Dad Does To Convince Her

Dogs really are the best and they can do the simplest of things that cheer us up in no time. Sometimes they develop quirky habits, just like humans, and will only do things a certain way, and that can also be entertaining, as you will see in this next clip. Dogs love us with all their heart and their friendship is one of the most valuable things we could ever receive, so sometimes we have to indulge them in their quirky behaviors. They need love and care like little kids do, and you also need help them develop good eating habits right from the start. And just like little kids, pooches can get really fussy about what they eat. This dog is so fussy, in fact, her owner has to trick her into eating.

This video shows Luna the Golden Retriever. This adorable dog is a very picky eater, but her owner has finally found a solution to make her eat her food. I think she must have watched him eat his own piping hot, delicious smelling food a few times and decided she wanted the same for herself. Thankfully, this trick works like a charm every time. He doesn’t really do anything. He just ‘cooks’ Luna’s dry food in the oven, convincing her it’s like his own, and she eats it! Of course, it’s not hot. The oven isn’t even on. It is adorable how gullible this little girl is!

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This Dog Doesn\'t Want To Eat Her Food, And Wait Till You See What Dad Does To Convince Her