Dog Immediately Steps In To Care For Dumpster Kitten

Taylor was walking by a trash bin when he heard the faint sounds of whimpers and cries. He was surprised to discover a tiny newborn kitten that was abandoned in the dumpster.

This video was shot just minutes after Bo was discovered in the dumpster, pulled from the trash, and brought back to Taylor’s house. That’s when his poodle, Amber, quickly jumped in perform the task of motherhood. Amber was raised by cats, so caring for the little baby came particularly natural to her. Amber licked all the gunk and muck off his coat, cleaning him like a mother cat would. The kitten was so small it is a wonder it survived during its time in the dumpster, but something told this little guy to make some noise and be discovered.

Amber has officially stepped in to take care of little Bo. She cleans him, nurses him and protects him just as she would her very own puppy. Though this video is short and sweet, it does an incredible job of revealing the power of motherly instinct. Despite the fact the kitten isn’t Amber’s and doesn’t smell like a dog, her urge to take on the role of caretaker is greater than anything else.

Thankfully, the vet says Bo is healthy, all thanks to one amazing family and their remarkable dog.

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Dog Immediately Steps In To Care For Dumpster Kitten