Dog Jumps Onto Bed With Sleeping Baby. His Next Move Had Me Mesmerized.

I always love seeing videos of dogs and babies. There’s an innocence between the two of them. Oftentimes we will see a pooch curled up right next to a sleeping baby, catching a few zzzz’s themselves. Many are patient when the baby pulls on their ear or their tails ” though a parent should ALWAYS be present with a dog in the room. Then there’s this video here that positively warmed my heart.

We see a baby sleeping on a blanket that’s been spread out on a bed. She’s fairly newborn and she’s resting on a boppie pillow that’s been placed on the blanket. Also on the bed is a miniature pinscher who clearly adores this little baby. It seems like she’s a little chilly, so the doggie decides to do something to warm her up. No, she doesn’t curl up next to her to let her feel his body heat. He does something even cooler.

The dog immediately starts moving around the blanket, moving different parts of it and moving some toward the sleeping newborn. It’s quickly evident what the dog is doing: Tucking the baby in. He’s doing a really good job of it, too. There’s not a part of the baby’s body that’s not covered. The dog makes sure not to cover the face though, otherwise she could be inadvertently smothered.

I don’t know if this dog was trained to do something like that or if it was instinct of some sort. If he was trained, I wonder what the thought process was to start this. ‘Huh. Maybe this dog can wrap my little baby daughter up like a burrito to keep her warm. Let’s get to work!’ It’ll be interesting when she gets older. Maybe he can tuck her in by pulling a blanket up to her neck. They better get training started – .

Wasn’t this the cutest dog ever? I was smitten with this video from the very second it started. Have you seen any dogs do a trick like this? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments section.

Dog Jumps Onto Bed With Sleeping Baby. His Next Move Had Me Mesmerized.