Doggie Gets Caught With Something In Mouth. What Happened Next Cracked Me Up.

Animals are so cute when they try to steal stuff and get caught. Some of them don’t even bother trying to fool us and just run off with the item. Others, though, have the moxie to try to pull one over on us, as if we were born yesterday. Their fails are so funny to catch on video. Take this video for example. Any sane human can see what’s in this dog’s mouth, but the attempted

We see a Boston Terrier with a very solemn expression as his mommy or daddy fixes a camera on him. He sits there, then out of the left side of his mouth, like a giant orange stalactite, a carrot starts slowly descending – descending. Plop. Busted! It seems that this little fella got hungry and decided to take matters into his own paws. He just underestimated how observant Mommy or Daddy would be.

Unfortunately, this doggie was asleep when it was taught about things like gravity. He’s trying so hard to hide this carrot that he filched, but gravity is stealing it from the little pouch in his mouth that he shoved it in. He does seem to have the good grace to seem embarrassed when the carrot hits the floor. Perhaps his mommy or daddy decides to forgive him and let him eat the carrot anyway.

For some reason, this video reminds me of the one where the chimpmunk tries to steal bird food. Instead of trying to run away with the food in his giant cheeks, he spits it out. Either way, I wouldn’t want to touch either food after the squirrel or dog got their germy saliva all over it. I’m just weird that way, I guess. It’s still a cute video, but after that, I’d be like – ‘Uh. Yeah. All yours. I could wash this for an hour, but the carrot’s still icky.’

What would you do if you saw your dog do this? Laugh? Cry? Scream if it was the last carrot? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Doggie Gets Caught With Something In Mouth. What Happened Next Cracked Me Up.