Elephant Walks Up To A Doctors Asking For Help After Being Shot In The Head By Poachers

Elephants are among the most massive creatures on earth. Most people have seen one of two of them at your local zoo. If you if you have ever seen one up close you will agree, they are very intimidating! Just the sheer size of their feet, there have, everything’s huge. Not many people know this but there actually fast. They can outrun almost anyone, at least in a straight line.

Another very interesting feature of them is that they are extremely intelligent. They can organize themselves to do a calculated attack on an enemy. With their size, when they decide to attack the consequences are usually devastating. We have all heard cases were elephants in captivity have reacted in a way that has surprised their caretakers. Sometimes even with casualties.

The other very interesting feature for which they are known is their memory. Thousands live many years and they can remember a lot of what happened to them in that time. For instance, if you are mean to an elephant when his young he may come back at you for payback later. Even if it’s 20 years later, most chances are he will remember. This also works the other way.

If you do something very good for him, he will also remember you. Because of their intelligence, they are considered unpredictable. They are also highly territorial. If an elephant once you to stay away, he will give you hints or signs. Some of them are moving dirt years in a certain way or doing small charges that you. If you ever in the wild and you see this, you should leave immediately! Believe me, when the elephant decides to attack you will feel it.

A group of doctors was in their vehicle traveling through a dirt road in Zimbabwe. They see an elephant coming at them slowly. Because of an elephant’s nature they know to be cautious with him. When the elephant finally reaches them, they realized he will not act in a hostile way. They also noticed something wrong with the animals had. Upon closer examination, they find out he’s been shot in the head by a poacher. Ivory sells for a very hefty price in many markets.

The species is listed as “vulnerable” according to major organizations. The doctors decide to help him. First, they sedate to make him feel more comfortable. Then, they checked his site and perform x-rays. They find out that he was shot a little bit higher of what would be considered a kill shot. After the successful surgery to remove the bullet, he is freed. When he wakes up he feels very dizzy and even falls asleep on one tree. I really hope elephants have a great memory and that they can remember these doctors. Hopefully, this will change the image that elephants have of humans. Maybe they can even see us as friends!

Elephant Walks Up To A Doctors Asking For Help After Being Shot In The Head By Poachers