English Bulldog Hilariously Walks Around With A Box On His Head

Every dog owner knows that you can spend all the money in the world on the very best toys and gifts and yet your canine companion is still going to grab onto whatever he or she wants and have a better time.  Sometimes, they very thing they want to play with most is the box their new toy came in.

It’s funny because I remember being the same way as a little kid. I had more junk than any kid could ever need and yet I was heartbroken when my Dad finally threw away my giant refrigerator box fort. There’s something about a giant box that gets us every time. As adults, we hope for the very best surprise to pop out, like this woman who got her long-distance boyfriend in a box on her birthday and the following hilarious video proves pets are the same exact way.

Pet parent Isabel Santos couldn’t help but whip out her iPhone to start recording her hilarious English Bulldog, Diesel, when he picked up the top of a W.B. Mason office supplies box. When Diesel picked up the box top with his mouth, it completely covered his little mug, but he didn’t want to give up on making it work.

This dog’s determination is just awesome and you can’t help but laugh at the clumsy little pup!

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English Bulldog Hilariously Walks Around With A Box On His Head