Fussy Babies Can Be Difficult To Soothe, When One Sweet Dog Steps Up The Result Is Golden…

It’s always nice to have someone watching your back when you need it the most. It seems as though most people now-a-days go through life and just bury all of their feelings. When they are asked ‘How are you?’ the response is usually a dull ‘fine.’ However, interestingly and sadly, if asked ‘Are you okay?’ the dynamic seems to shift and they unbottle a few of those feelings.

Unfortunately, you can’t exactly ask a newborn baby ‘are you okay?’ and receive a response. Over time, I feel as though parents make a gradual transition from parent to Swiss Army Knife. After trying so many different solutions to sooth young babies, the parents find many different solutions to any occasion.

If parents are Swiss Army Knives, able to adapt to almost any situation, then babies would probably be best related to Rubix Cubes- sometimes you can’t solve the problem and you make it a tad less great. Sometimes, kids are just difficult, it’s not their fault, they just got here. We were almost the same way at one point in our lives, and a lot of people seem to forget that idea. We were once the young babies in the families needing comfort and soothing. All of our senses tuning in and out at random, unable to control these senses, we did the only thing that made sense- cry.

Yet, after these two comparisons, we find the solution is from the most unlikely family friend, able to soothe fussy young babies with the push of a paw.

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Fussy Babies Can Be Difficult To Soothe, When One Sweet Dog Steps Up The Result Is Golden...