They Were Hearing Painful Cries From Here But Hadn’t Expected To See This – Heartbreaking…

This heartbreaking video shows one of a stray dog’s heart-wrenching condition in India. There are tens of thousands of stray dogs that wander in the urban streets of India. They are homeless and are even considered as a ‘menace’ to society.

These poor street dogs are bound to face many challenges from finding food to shelter. They even get beaten by cruel people. However, there are some organizations that are committed to help these helpless animals by rescuing and rehabilitating them. These handful of organizations are working hard to rescue and rehabilitate the out-of-control stray dog population of India.

Among them, Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization that is working to give these stray, homeless and helpless dogs a better life. The organization has been continuously working for the safety of these dogs. This video shows the organization’s members helping a street dog that was stuck between the narrow bars of an iron gate for hours.

The dog had been stuck there for hours until someone heard his cries and called their helpline. The frightened and helpless dog was suffering from a very bad case of mange. Thankfully the organization was there to help this poor baby and give him the love and care he needed. His eyes, when he saw his rescuers, just made me want to cry. But he has a better life ahead of him now with Animal Aid Unlimited and has made a full recovery. Wait until you see the rescue worker give him lots of love at the end of the video. So sweet.

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They Were Hearing Painful Cries From Here But Hadn\'t Expected To See This – Heartbreaking...