Large Dog Refuses To Get Off Mommy’s Bed. I Cracked Up At What She Said At The End.

When it comes to getting a cat or a dog to move from a spot that they are determined to stay in, it can be an exercise in futility. Even my male cat, who is all of 15 pounds, is remarkably able to turn himself to Jello when it comes to me trying to move him off my lap or on a spot on the sofa. I practically need a crowbar to get him to move. Still, I think I would have a harder time with the canine in this video.

We see a dog named Max on his mommy’s unmade bed. She wants him off the bed so that she can make it. Did I forget to mention that this is a very large dog? It’s not like he’s a tiny dog that she can simply lift up and move to another spot in the room? She could lift him off the bed, but chances are good that she would simultaneously throw her back out and give herself a hernia. Not worth it. So she decides to use words

Max is quite happy lying on Mommy’s bed and he’s not budging. She cajoles him with a treat. No dice – he’s quite content where he currently is. She pleads a bit more, even moves forward a bit, but he takes a half-hearted swipe at her with his paw. This is one entrenched dog. ‘Come on.. .Come on..’ Finally, she pulls out the big gun. Adopting a funny tone of voice, she says, ‘sQUIRREL!’

That’s the thing that makes him jump out of the bed? If this doggie thinks that a squirrel got into the house, then he’s got another think coming. He probably ran all over the house looking for that rodent. Chances are good that he returned to the room with a ‘HEYYYYYYYY’ expression on his face. Hopefully, Mommy has either made the bed by this point, or she’s shut the door.

What’s the silliest thing that you’ve had to do to get your cat or dog to move from a spot? We love stories like this, so please tell us in the comments section! Also, feel free to ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Large Dog Refuses To Get Off Mommy\'s Bed. I Cracked Up At What She Said At The End.