When This Hedgehog And The Dog Meet For The First Time I Didn’t Expect This To Happen…

There are seven different species of hedgehogs, which are spiny animals that can be found in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and, by introduction, New Zealand. As one of the first types of mammals, hedgehogs haven’t changed very much over the past 15 million years. They are still adorable, prickly little balls of cuteness.

Today, some species of hedgehog are kept as pets, as they have been domesticated. The most common hedgehog species to be kept as pets are hybrids of the North African hedgehog and the four-toed hedgehog or white-bellied hedgehog. Hedgehogs have been captive bred for a number of generations, and their personalities are molded by interaction with their human companions.

In this video, you will see an African pygmy hedgehog that found an unlikely friend in her home. Her unlikely friend is a little white dog who seems to love having a hedgehog crawl all over her. The hedgehog even curls up to sleep next to the dog, and uses her to climb up on for a better view.

They are so cute together, but this hedgehog really steals the show. The owner shows us how to hold a hedgehog so it’s prickles don’t stand up, and we learn that they love belly rubs! Apparently they also love snacks. I love watching them eat. They get so enthusiastic, and this one is no exception.

Watch this cute video and please share your thoughts about this adorable hedgehog and dog duo with us in the comment section below!

When This Hedgehog And The Dog Meet For The First Time I Didn\'t Expect This To Happen...