This Horse Hadn’t Seen His Owner For A Long Time. When She Surprises Him With This Visit? Aww…

The bond between a human and their pet is a thing of marvel. We have seen many videos on the Internet that feature different kinds of beautiful relationships. The video above is one of them. This owner came back home after a three-week-long vacation out of the country. As soon as she returns, all she wants to do is go and meet her beloved horse.

The horse was out in the fields, dressed in his purple coat. At first, the horse really couldn’t see or hear his beloved owner coming towards him. However, he soon realizes that his best pal is back and his reaction is priceless. Wait till you see what he does when he realizes who has come to see him.

He starts off walking pretty slowly, looking at this person in the field. But when he realizes this person is his beloved owner, the horse comes running over to her in great glee and enthusiasm. They are so happy to see each other and there is much nuzzling and kissing to greet each other.

Their friendship will no doubt make you want to get a horse as a companion! We so often think of dogs as being the most loyal pets, but horses really are no different. They are totally devoted to their owners.  It is adorable beyond words to see these two together.

Watch this heartwarming video above! Did this human and horse reunion make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments!

This Horse Hadn\'t Seen His Owner For A Long Time. When She Surprises Him With This Visit? Aww...