Kitten in need is adopted by the most loving cat mom

Fievel, a sick kitten, was rescued by Emilie and adopted by Emilie’s foster cat, Purrsephone. Emilie had Purrsephone before getting Fievel and was worried because she had never taken care of a pregnant cat.

The first days were challenging because Purrsephone wasn’t eating or coming out of her nesting box. Emilie moved her to the bathroom and introduced Purrsephone to her cat, Chester.

Purrsephone became more comfortable, and Emilie’s heart melted after hearing Purrsephone purr when she picked her up. After several weeks of waiting, Emilie didn’t know when the kittens would be born.

One day she walked in and found the three kittens with Purrsephone. They were happy and healthy kittens. Emilie didn’t have to help Purrsephone at all. Then she got her toughest foster yet.

Fievel was a premature kitten Emilie took in, and he was fighting to survive. He was freezing cold, and Emilie put him in an incubator to stay warm.

Emilie bottle-fed Fievel, and he took to it immediately. Fievel was introduced to Purrsephone and her kittens when he was 4 weeks old. Fievel became part of their family right away.

Purrsephone was the most fantastic mother, and Fievel was treated as a son and brother by his new family. All of Purrsephone’s kittens were adopted, and Fievel would be moving to his new home soon.

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Kitten in need is adopted by the most loving cat mom