Kitten with a missing foot loves tackling his giant Husky mom

PiediNo was a rescue cat missing a foot who found the best mothers in Eleonora and her Husky, Sharon. He was abandoned in the countryside and was a tiny, fragile fur ball.

Eleonora had never seen a kitten in PiediNo’s condition, and she was scared of hurting him. He was constantly crying out in pain but calmed down in her hands.

They called him PiediNo, which is Italian for “No foot.” Sharon always helps Eleonora with the foster kittens, and she is especially caring towards PiediNo. She seemed to know he was sick.

Sharon constantly groomed PiediNo and let him sleep near her belly. Three weeks later, he walked on his own and had a boot made out of the finger of an old glove.

A few months later, PiediNo needed surgery after he got hurt while playing. His leg was amputated, and Sharon was anxious when he was gone. During PiedNo’s recovery, Sharon never left his side.

Eleonora said that after PiediNo recovered, he was twice as affectionate and twice as troublesome. Sharon was gentle with him even when he started tackling her.

PiediNo’s bond with Sharon was so extraordinary that Eleonora had no choice but to adopt him. She feels lucky to have the privilege of watching the two of them grow together.

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Kitten with a missing foot loves tackling his giant Husky mom