Pug Puppies Put On ‘Home Alone’ Play That Will Have You Cheering And Giggling

Pug Puppies Put On 'Home Alone' Play That Will Have You Cheering And Giggling

The Classic 1990 hit movie ‘Home Alone’ is a popular Christmas themed film that follows the eventful Christmas of a little boy who is accidentally left at home by himself when his family flies to France for the holiday festivities. He seems delighted and thinks his wish to have his family disappear so he can have the whole house to himself has been fulfilled. That is until two burglars, the Wet Bandits, decide to break into his home, leaving the little lad no option but to defend his house.

These canines enacting the complete ‘Home Alone’ film is the perfect combination of cuteness and awesomeness. The Pet Collective YouTube video condenses the ‘Home Alone’ plot to about two minutes long using adorable pugs as characters and a child as the narrator. In this version of the classic, the little boy’s character is played by a little puppy.

If you want to have a smile on your face this holiday season, hit ‘play’ in the video below and the little pugs will definitely hit the spot.

Pug Puppies Put On \'Home Alone\' Play That Will Have You Cheering And Giggling