This Little Yorkie Puppy Attempts To Show His Howling Skills. The Result Is The CUTEST!

Some animals puff up their checks and fluff up their feathers and tails to look bigger than they are. Some animals, despite their size, are able to provoke fear in others due to having a big loud roar or bark. Unfortunately for these puppies, neither their bark nor their bite is very intimidating.

But give them some time! Keep in mind these little puppies are only 3 weeks old. A few years down the road, it could be quite a different story. The boys love to practice their wrestling skills. They roll all over each other and nibble on each other’s necks.

When a group of intruding Guinea Hens comes into the neighborhood, this adorable family goes into high alert. They do their best to sound like a scary pack of tough dogs. But, what actually comes out is about the sweetest little baby puppy sounds you’ve ever heard! It’s hard to imagine those barks could scare off even a little mouse!

One day these lovable little guys might be tough like wild hunters. For now, just watching them practice is a real treat!

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