A Man Frees A Chained Wild Horse But Has No Clue Of The Type Of ‘Thank You’ He’ll Get…

There are many organizations that are really making a difference for animals in distress. One of the most important is the Humane Society of the United States. They have been responsible for the rescue of thousands of animals. They are also part of the gears that move the adoption process of many of these animals, not only through their facilities but also with the many other organizations they partner up with.

One day, they received a report of an abandoned ranch with some animals that we in desperate need of attention. They went to check it out and they found no one to answer the door. They contacted the police department to see what type of assistance they could get from them. The police department investigated, and it turned out that there was in fact an owner but was nowhere to be found.

The closest neighbors said that there used to be a man living there. He was probably around 50 years old and didn’t like company very much. As a matter of fact, they had not seen anyone but him at that location. This man had bought the ranch from another person about 6 years before and had brought in some animals. Some people said that he was some sort of investor and had a race track nearby.

There was in fact a racetrack about 3 miles from there, so the Humane Society went to check it out. At the race track no one could give them information on him, but he was in fact one of the owners. He hadn’t mentioned anything about leaving, so they were as surprised as the police of the fact he had disappeared. It was later confirmed that he had been hospitalized and was still there at the time.

Because he didn’t really have any relatives who could take care of the animals, the Humane Society had to step in and take care of them. Most of them needed food desperately and the food was actually there in the ranch. There was just no one to feed the animals. The Humane Society took temporary custody of the animals and the man gave them permission to enter his facilities. If no one had reported this, some of the animals would’ve been in deep trouble.

Another wonderful organization that’s always there to help is one called, ‘Four Paws.’ They have presence all around Europe and help animals of all sorts. One day, they were told that there were some wild horses that needed help. In Romania, there’s this tradition of tying together either the two front or two hind legs of horses to prevent them from escaping. The problem is that some of the chains have started to dig into the skin and are causing lacerations and infection. One vet is sent to release the animal and take a look at his injuries. When he frees the horse, the vet gets an unexpected but loving ‘thank you’ from the little horse!

A Man Frees A Chained Wild Horse But Has No Clue Of The Type Of \'Thank You\' He\'ll Get...