Watch How Active Baby Ferret Runs In His Sleep… Absolutely

Baby creatures are always soooo cute! You want to hold them and cuddle them and watch them do all sorts of things ” from playing around, eating and even sleeping. Yes, watching someone sleep may be a creepy thing to do, but you’ll definitely make an exception for this baby ferret that looks so adorable when he’s fast asleep in lala land.

Only three weeks and three days old, this baby ferret is so young that he needs to get his beauty sleep to stay healthy. Watch this video as he sleeps off in his owner’s hands. He doesn’t just sleep peacefully, being a cute playful little thing, he actually runs in his sleep! Watch his little paws twitch as they run in an invisible landscape.

I’m not sure of what the little furry creature may be dreaming of, but it looks like he’s getting quite the workout in his dream. What I found so adorable was watching his little whiskers twitch as well!! This reminds me of my dog who also has running dreams. I have to say, pets are just so darn cute!!!

Oh my goodness, doesn’t your heart just melt watching this video??? What did you think of it? Do you have a pet that does something similar in their sleep? Send us your stories and messages in the comments section below, we LOVE hearing from you! And don’t forget to SHARE!

Watch How Active Baby Ferret Runs In His Sleep... Absolutely