Man Goes To Scatter Grandmother’s Ashes, Then Sees Something That Makes Him Jump Into Action

For people who own small animals, there is safety is number one concern. There are many things that can happen to a small animal that won’t happen to a larger one. For those who have cats, the most obvious danger would be dogs. Dogs attack cats almost instinctively. The cat’s defense is often their speed. Cats have a unique sense of balance and can survive very high Falls landing on their feet.

This doesn’t mean that dogs and cats are natural enemies. Dogs see cats only as prey if they have not been raised together and they run away from the dog. Chasing potential prey is not only an instinct of the dog, most predators behave in the same way.

Cats are not only the small animals that need to be kept safe. There are other animals such as small dogs that also need protection even from themselves. Small breeds are usually very curious and very protective. Curiosity often leads them to danger or to getting lost. Some of these breeds like the Shi Tzu or a Maltese are very fragile animals. They usually get the same forms of disease and because of the size are not particularly strong. In some cases, they can be very protective and won’t be aware of their size when facing a potential threat.

Small breeds are not considered good swimmers because of their weight. In places where currents are very strong, their paddling is usually not enough to break the currents and get them to safety. Doggie life vests were created with this possibility in mind. Owners of these small breeds can now take them to the pool or to the ocean without the fear of having them drown because of strong currents or tides.

While this is common sense for many people, there was one owner in Australia who would find out the hard way. Her name is Sue and she was walking with her dog Bibi on Brighton Pier. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows Bibi off the pier. She tries to paddle her way back to the peer but the current is just too strong for her. Sue fears the worst as she sees her dog trying to stay afloat and not being able to help her. At the time, a young man by the name of Raden had gone to the same peer to scatter his grandmother’s.

Ashes his grandmother loved this pier and he thought it would be a wonderful way of laying her ashes to rest. When he’s about to scatter the ashes, he sees Bibi in danger. Without a second thought, his trips to his underwear and shirt and plunges into the water. He swims towards Bibi and gets her to safety. He hands Sue her dog and Sue is so relieved and touched by the actions of these young men. She embraces him in gratitude and gets her to safety. Now, Sue is resting with her dog Bibi who wasn’t aware of the whole ordeal herself. The young man was a true hero and risked his life to save Bibi’s.

Man Goes To Scatter Grandmother\'s Ashes, Then Sees Something That Makes Him Jump Into Action