Man Is Lovingly Attacked by a Group of Friendly Golden Retriever Puppies

When you see a group of puppies running towards you, your first instinct may be full of confusion. For this man, when golden retriever puppies run to greet him, he has a different reaction.

A man and his wife recently welcomed 10 furry grandbabies into the world after one of their adult golden retrievers gave birth to a litter of pups. When they turned 7 weeks old, these grandparents decided to give the puppies a bit of freedom.

When the man’s wife opened the gate to the puppy enclosure, all ten of them made a beeline straight towards the man sitting in the yard. The puppies proceeded to swarm him with licks, playful nips, and lots of love.

In hard times, it may be hard to find things to look forward to. Thankfully, finding joy in the small things, like ten playful golden retrievers attacking you with love, can help you restore your faith in the future.

Have you ever wondered what seven-week-old puppies do with all of their energy? This man found out in the best way possible. #puppies #love #dogs #Pets