A Man Notices A Strange Hole In A Lake, So He Flies A Drone Over It And Captures THIS…

I was just watching a drone video the other day that made me consider getting my son one. The footage you can capture is amazing. The other day I went to see one of my neighbors. He had decided to get his son a drone. The only thing is that he was not very good with gadgets, so he decided to give me a call and ask me to help him.

His son was 9 years old and had been bugging him to get him a drone for the longest time. I had heard that when getting a drone, you should start with a small one. It made a lot of sense because I am guessing that the bigger ones would be more difficult to control. So, following my advice, my neighbor got a small drone from his local Best Buy.

The drone had a few parts that needed to be assembled but it was a very simple design, so I didn’t really run into any trouble. After I finished the assembly, I decided to give it a test fly inside my neighbor’s house. This might seem like a very easy thing to do, but if you have not flown one it does get a little tricky. First, drones are very fragile. If you’re not careful, you can destroy your drone long before you actually get any good at flying it.

Things like a door or a window can break the smaller parts. Some drones do have some replacement parts, but this is usually limited to the propellers only. So, as a rule of thumb, make sure you clear the path before you let your drone fly in the air. The outside of your home is usually a better choice to start. Don’t fly your drone around cats or dogs because they will get curious and want to take it down.

There have been more drones destroyed by pets than by humans, so exercise caution. After a while, I actually got the hang of it. Flying drones is a fun experience, the more you do it the more you want to get more daring. The larger drones are the ones that have more reach which leads to the more spectacular shots.

Believe me, I have seen some drones get the best shots ever. One time I saw some guys upload a video of them flying their drones around the Golden Gate. They were following the drone in their car and were able to get good shots. The guy in the next video wanted to do just that. The owner of the drone believes he saw a hole in a lake. He decides to fly his drone over and see what’s going on. You won’t believe what he finds!

A Man Notices A Strange Hole In A Lake, So He Flies A Drone Over It And Captures THIS...