Boxer Reunites With Her Family After Being Lost For Nine Years. What An Amazing Story…

It’s a sad fact of pet ownership. There will be times when your dog or cat or bird will run away from home. I see flyers on street lamps in my area every now and then. That doesn’t mean that the people who had these animals before were bad owners. Sometimes things just happen and they wind up missing. That happened with Boozer, a boxer who ran away from her family as a pup.

The situation was a perfect storm ” a young, curious puppy wandering around while her mommy, daddy and other family members were running around trying to make sure that everything was ready to be taken out of their old place and their new place. I remember constantly searching for my cat when my wife and I moved from one place to the next. Their attention lapsed and Boozer ran off.

That was nine years ago. Now we see Boozer in a shelter, waiting for her parents to come pick her up again. Nine years is a long time. Boxers tend to live around 10 years. Her original family has little precious time to reconnect. They seem to know it, since they have driven 32 hours to come get her. Boozer has spent the past five years in a house. I wonder how that family felt about having to give her up.

Ever put together a rather large puzzle, only to find that there are a couple of pieces missing? The puzzle may look finished, but you know it’s incomplete. I find myself thinking about those pieces when I look at this story. How could the system have failed so badly that it took them nine whole years. That was more than one President’s full term in office. I know that things fall through the cracks, but Boozer had adapted to a whole new family. This was a happy ending for her family – not entirely sure it was for her. That piece is still missing and it may never be found.

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Boxer Reunites With Her Family After Being Lost For Nine Years. What An Amazing Story...