Mom transforms her rescue dog’s crate into an adorable hideaway

Bella was so grateful to have a home after her rescue. Her family decided to spoil her in the best way possible, giving her the comfiest crate ever.

Most rescue dogs can be a bit skittish at first. They can’t tell us what happened to them, so in most cases, we’re left to guess – and that’s why patience is incredibly important when dealing with rescue animals.

When Melissa Maher first brought their rescue dog home, it was painfully clear that Bella hadn’t been inside much. She didn’t like the closeness of the house, and every sudden movement or noise startled her.

The one place Bella felt comfortable was lying in her crate with the door open. Maher recognized that this was an important space for her pup, so she had an idea. Why not decorate it and give Bella a cozy, beautiful sanctuary?

Using fairy lights, crib bumpers, and stuffed animals, she created Bella’s perfect hideaway. The result is beautiful and over the top, and Bella seems to love it. From the stuffed unicorn to the princess flags, this makeover is definitely cute.

Now Bella feels more at home than ever. She immediately crawled into her crate post-makeover and laid down. She seems to love the adorable decorations and loves resting on her comfortable new pillow.

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Mom transforms her rescue dog’s crate into an adorable hideaway