Rare and beautiful horse has a coat of gold

These beautiful desert horses shine like pure gold in the sun. It may be great camouflage in the desert, but we can’t stop looking at them.

Every breed has a story. The Akhal-Tepe doesn’t have a long story, but it is an interesting one. For about 3,000 years, these beautiful golden horses have been selectively bred.

Though we can assume that they’ve been bred specifically to create the beautiful molten gold coat that so many envy, there is also a practical reason. The reason that this horse’s coat shimmers is that it is extremely good at reflecting the sun.

The Akhal-Tepe’s origins are a little fuzzy, but we know that many of the 3,500 remaining members of the breed are found in Kazakhstan. There, they participate in races often and take advantage of their beautiful looks.

While these horses excel in desert environments (for the camouflage just as often as the sun-repellant properties of their coats), they often compete in horse shows and dressage competitions.

While selective breeding isn’t usually a good thing, we can all agree that these horses with their molten gold coats look stunning. They may be expensive, but it’s for a good reason.

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Rare and beautiful horse has a coat of gold