This soprano parrot sings Mozart better than most

Menino is one talented parrot. He doesn’t even have vocal cords, but it still hits those high notes better than most. This performance of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ is inspiring!

Opera is hard enough with vocal cords, so it’s amazing to see a parrot reproduce the sounds from this amazingly difficult aria. Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria from ‘The Magic Flute’ is one of the hardest pieces of operatic music around.

Most sopranos have trouble hitting the high bars in this piece of music, but Menino delivers it flawlessly. He transitions between the notes, making it look effortless. Surely he’s the envy of many opera singers!

Menino is 15 in this video, so he’s had some practice! Between the high bars and the vibrato he really nails this complicated piece in a way that would make Mozart proud.

Nearly 1 million people have watched the original video of Meninio singing this amazing and well-loved opera piece. They just can’t believe the accuracy of his rendition.

Unfortunately, Menino passed away not long after this video. Thankfully he will be remembered by thousands as the bird who could perfectly recreate this beloved opera aria that most humans still struggle with.

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This soprano parrot sings Mozart better than most