Heartwarming Budweiser Clydesdales reuniting with puppy friend

Do you remember the Budweiser commercials from the 2014 Super Bowl? Good news: the Clydesdales and their puppy friend are reunited in this heartwarming sequel to that well-known ad.

The Budweiser Clydesdales have been a mascot for the company for many years. One thing is for sure: when you see a commercial with a Clydesdale in it, it’s gonna be a Budweiser commercial.

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads have always been a highlight of the game, and in 2014, that was definitely the case. The commercial ‘Puppy Love’ was a heartwarming story about a puppy finally being able to meet the famous horses.

It touched the hearts of millions. That’s why this ad, with a focus on reunion and socializing responsibility, is all the rage right now. This sequel sees the famous Clydesdales reuniting with their puppy friend.

Set to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, this commercial features bars reopening and the horses running across fields, city streets, and jumping fences in a rush to meet up with the puppy.

It’s great to see Budweiser revisiting such an iconic idea, and even though this ad reuses some footage from the original commercial (due, no doubt, to the current social constraints), it offers an amazing message.

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Heartwarming Budweiser Clydesdales reuniting with puppy friend