Momma Cat Watches Over Orphaned Baby Hedgehogs Like They’re Her Own

A mother’s instinct is stronger than the sea. When Sonya, an orange cat, gives birth to a litter of kittens, she not only mothered her babies, but she took on the role of foster mom for a family of a different breed of animal.

A family of orphaned hedgehogs, known as hoglets, lost their mother and needed a loving momma figure to care for them. That’s where Sonya comes in. She immediately accepted the hoglets as her own and supported both them and her kittens at the same time.

The young hoglets felt right at home. They snuggled with Sonya and her kittens, and they even drank Sonya’s milk so they could grow up to be healthy adult hedgehogs. These tiny prickly babies quickly formed a family with Sonya’s fur babies.

Sonya’s owner loved the harmonious nature of this unexpected family dimension and decided to take photographs of them. There’s no doubt that this is a unique family, and it teaches us that love is love, no matter where you’re from.

You\'re born into your family, but what happens if you lose your mother? Sonya the cat takes in a family of abandoned baby hedgehogs and raises them with her own kittens. #Pets #Cat #Animals #Kittens