Peaceful horse ride turns into a living nightmare

When his body sank into quicksand, a woman held the horse’s head above the sand so he could breathe.

A seemingly happy journey on her horse Astro turned into a nightmare for Nicole Graham. The tide shifted as Astro was standing on the sand, and his sheer weight forced him to plunge into the quagmire.

Nicole reacted quickly and got off of Astro. She rushed to her daughter and rescued them, but it took a lot of time. With each passing second, the 1100 pound horse sank more.

Nicole had begun to sink by the time assistance came. When it came to the right solution, the rescuers were stumped. They risk fatally injuring Astro if they manipulate his body inappropriately. He may sink more quickly.

Thankfully, a veterinarian arrived to assist. He gave Astro a sedative injection. Rescuers ran against the clock because the tide was about to come in, and he would drown if they didn’t act quickly.

Then, by the grace of God, A farmer with his truck showed up. It was easy pulling Astro’s body using the truck; there were risks to be taken. Luckily the rescue mission was a success.

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Peaceful horse ride turns into a living nightmare