A Pound Of Dog Food Will Be Donated To Animal Shelters For Every View This Video Receives

There’s nothing quite like the cuteness and sweetness of a puppy. They’re small, playful, cuddly, and beyond silly. All they want is to make people happy and be loved! They eventually grow up to become your best pal, following you around and protecting you for the rest of their days. Puppies become such a cherished part of the family from day one, and there are few things in the world as adorable as they are.

Because of how loved these furry animals are, SoulPancake and Puppy Chow decided to team up and surprise folks with wagons full of puppies, sending their hearts soaring. A gym, kindergarten class, and a nursing home were among the places that started to overflow with the love of hyper, furry bundles of joy.

Everyone was going about their day. Students were learning, athletes were training, and the residents of the nursing home were socializing and playing games. It was just an average afternoon, but little did these folks know that things were about to change. After all, there was a special type of pizazz missing from their daily activities, something that would really bring some life to each of these environments. What could it be that would improve the environment so drastically? Puppies, of course!

Everyone was so excited, they could barely contain themselves! The seniors, especially, were overjoyed to have the company of the little pooches. Best of all, this was put together for a great cause! Every view of the posted video highlighting the best moments of this get-together equals a pound of dog food that will be donated to Rescue Bank!

Watch this video in order to feed some dogs! Your heart will be warmed by all of the cuteness and the joy of the unsuspecting residents Then, share with your fellow dog lovers and leave a comment down below!

A Pound Of Dog Food Will Be Donated To Animal Shelters For Every View This Video Receives