This Pup Stole The Pool By Mistake…

Summers are the best, with 2016’s summer fast approaching we can take a few minutes to reminisce on the topic of summertime activities. Some of us take vacations overseas, others enjoy their backyards and hanging out with their families and friends! This dog, for example, is a great fan of spending time outdoors with his very special family!

Whe can all agree that a nice cool dip in a crystal clear pool when it’s warm out is one of the best and most traditional backyard activities during the summer. It’s always really fun to get a pool party going with your good friends and family. Whether you like to sit on a lounge chair and shoot the breeze while sipping a tangy, ice-cold lemonade, or play Marco Polo in the water, a pool party is pretty much a guaranteed fun time.

This dog got too caught up in looking for his little human siblings, which were hiding under their large inflatable pool, and ended up stealing the whole thing in a hilarious run through the yard!

Watch this little pup’s reaction as well as the sweet kids that are playing around with him the video above!

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This Pup Stole The Pool By Mistake...