Two Puppies With Demodex Recover After Receiving Pro Bono Treatment…

Somewhere along the way, a team of people came together and decided that they wanted to make a difference in the lives of abandoned, homeless, or otherwise injured animals.

That’s how Vet Ranch Rescue began, and under the direction of Dr. Matt, the team has been chronicling their incredible stories of animal rescue with the world through their YouTube channel, which they update regularly with videos that tug on the heartstrings of pet lovers.

They shared a moving video of two 4-month-old puppies with Demodex, which left them mangy and uncomfortable with staph infections and scabs all over their small bodies. As a local shelter was overwhelmed with dogs, Dr. Matt and his team took them in to help free up space for dogs at the pound ” therefore not only helping to save these two babies, but the lives of other dogs as well.

With just a few weeks of treatment and proper shampoos, these pups were ready to meet their forever homes. But the most extraordinary part is the transformation of Paula ” but I won’t ruin the best part for you.

‘These two pups had a rough start in life,’ writes Dr. Matt in the video’s description, ‘but we are here to ensure the rest of their life is all gravy.’

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Two Puppies With Demodex Recover After Receiving Pro Bono Treatment...