Mommy Won’t Let Him Up On The Couch. This Puppy Lets Her Know He Isn’t Happy. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

We love our precious fur babies because they are our children. And just like all children, sometimes they have a temper tantrum. They want, want, and want, and they want it right now — and if they don’t get it, they will let you know in no uncertain terms.


Meet Bentley. He is a tad upset with his mommy because she won’t let him up on the couch! So he decides he’s going to let her know he doesn’t approve! Oh, he’s a toughie.

Totally adorable. (Eventually, mommy concedes and lets him up on the couch. Seriously, there’s no way anybody could resist this angel for long!)

We hope you enjoyed the video above. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always bring a smile.

Mommy Won\'t Let Him Up On The Couch. This Puppy Lets Her Know He Isn\'t Happy. I Can\'t Stop Laughing!