Puppy’s first grooming session goes perfectly

The three month old toy poodle explores the new sights as they are being prepared for a relaxing day of grooming. He has no idea what is in store for him.

For the three-month-old toy poodle, it was his first time at the groomer, which is an important experience for him because he will need to go often. To get him comfortable and used to the place they let him walk around for a bit while they prepare for his session.

They start off by cleaning his ears because it is important they don’t get any infections. It might be quite uncomfortable for the dog but they treat him with gentle hands and soft touches. Once they finished they placed him in a large basin for his cleaning.

He remains well-behaved. Staying completely still as the groomer lathers him with soap, being as careful as possible. Using only light dabs to make the puppy even more comfortable. Afterward, they put him into an even smaller pale to rinse him off. Then they placed a little flower on him.

Once the showering was done they used a blowdryer to dry his fur while combing him at the same time to get rid of any knots and clumps, which will make it easier to cut his hair once he’s ready. At this point, he looks just about ready to fall asleep.

The final part takes the most time since the groomer has to be very precise and discerning when cutting the puppy’s hair. But they are clearly experienced and did a great job of making sure all the proper places are groomed. The puppy comes out prim and proper with nicely trimmed, and probably, sweet-smelling fur.

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Puppy’s first grooming session goes perfectly