Senior War Dog Gets The Most Emotional Send-Off From A Group Of Bikers

Senior War Dog Gets The Most Emotional Send-Off From A Group Of Bikers

It’s always a good day to honor our heroes – people who have paid the ultimate price to preserve the freedoms of many. It takes a very special kind of person to become a hero. They must possess solid values and a sense of service. Many of them can go back to their homes. Some of them return, sadly having lost someone they truly cared for.

The most important mission for the soldier is coming back alive. While terrorists and evil people continue to plan ways of harming us, we will always be able to count on our soldiers.

A very important part of these military teams is canine soldiers. Their job protecting soldiers on the battlefield is a crucial one. For Sgt. Canvas coming back home was a dream come true. He was adopted by one of his crew members.

Sgt. Canvas had saved countless lives on both sides of the hemisphere. He was one of the best dogs they had. He learned to detect about 70 distinct types of explosives. When you are in countries where they will use any means possible to stop the good guys, these heroes are instrumental in each victory. And they are very good at it.

When he came home, Sgt. Canvas could return to being a normal dog. His soldier dad lost part of his leg to a bomb — Fortunately, Sgt. Canvas had been there to alert him, or it could have been much worse. One day, Sgt. Canvas has an accident. He’s playing around and falls. What might have seemed to be a typical fall turned out to be something much more serious.

After the fall, the dog had problems getting up. He was also visibly in pain. He’s owner checks him and takes him to the veterinarian. It turns out that he has severely injured his spine. This is terrible news because this condition cannot be fixed with surgery.

Sgt. Canvas is forced to live with pain, which only gets worse every day. They try several methods of helping him get better, but none of them seem to work. Finally, the owner decides that the most humane thing is to put him down. He will lose his greatest friend, but he will rid his friend of the pain and suffering.

With the hardest choice having been made, he decides to take his best friend for the last ride around town. Suddenly, a group of bikers shows up. What happens next takes everyone by surprise.

Senior War Dog Gets The Most Emotional Send-Off From A Group Of Bikers