Release The Shackles Of Oppression… Dog Owner Learns The Error Of His Ways In Just 25 Minutes

Many dog owners love and care for them with the utmost ability they have. They know their likes, dislikes, and buy them very specific toys accordingly. They take them everywhere, because quite simply, they are their best friends. They have been emotional pillars or playful distractions for many occasions where our emotions were out of control. A furry pillar of stability during rough times always helps, makes for a happy life.

On the flip side, we unfortunately have those owners who are less than kind with their pets. Owners who abuse, neglect, and downright disregard their feelings and a living and loving being. This type of sadistic or malicious behavior by owners can be how they’ve always treated dogs. Because they don’t see what you and I see. We see a loving and beautiful creature capable of so many different emotions, whose reactions are influenced by dad or mom. If mom or dad are angry all the time, then naturally the dog will pick up on this. They are very insightful when it comes to reading the emotions of others.

One man apparently never heard the expression ‘honey catches more flies than vinegar.’ A gorgeous German Shepperd was chained up and left outside for his whole life. His whole life outside, chained to a fence. When he first see’s Alex, one of his liberators, he is not pleased at all. You can tell the leash is the only thing that was stopping the hound from biting.

Twenty-five brief minutes later, he seemed call enough to take out of his carrier. After only a few sessions of behavior modification, the change is practically night and day! The once aggressive and violent pup, now full of love and compassion.

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Release The Shackles Of Oppression... Dog Owner Learns The Error Of His Ways In Just 25 Minutes