Rescued Pitbull Tries To Copy Baby Sister’s Flawless Cartwheel… Pure Giggles And Fun

Just like any little girl, Kailyn loves to jump around and be her energetic self. Get her to show off her dance moves and she’ll capture your attention. This mom recorded her daughter executing flawless moves. Watch her take a running start to perfectly execute an amazing cartwheel. I was amazed by that because I’ve tried doing them only to fall flat on my face, so I know it isn’t that easy.

But what really made me drop my jaw was what followed after. The family adopted a rescued pit bull who adored the little girl. Watch 18 month old Oakland try to copy what his sister does. It’s hilarious! He fails, but his attempts are just so funny, they’ll have you in tears laughing your sides off!

Even wearing matching outfits, this adorable duo caught viewer’s hearts as the video was shared by many people all over the world. It’s clear to see the adorable puppy loves his forever home and his family loves him right back! What did you think of the video? Is it something you would share? Send a message in the section below and let us know!

Rescued Pitbull Tries To Copy Baby Sister\'s Flawless Cartwheel... Pure Giggles And Fun