Sick rescue Beagle plays like a puppy thanks to his foster mom

Ozzy was a sick and neglected Beagle who eventually played like a puppy thanks to his foster mom, Hannah. When Hannah first found Ozzy, he was ill and emaciated.

Hannah said she had never seen a dog in such rough shape before. Every bone in Ozzy’s body was visible, and he didn’t have much fur. His skin was infected, red, sore, and itchy.

It was painful for Ozzy to walk. He had probably been neglected for several years. After Hannah brought him home, he was scared, and all he wanted to do was sleep.

Hannah wasn’t sure if he was going to pull through. Their walks were short because Ozzy could barely stand, but she found he loved being in the doggy stroller.

On the third day of having him, Hannah noticed his eyes were bright, and she saw hope in them. Then she experienced the special moment of Ozzy going through the toy box for the first time.

After one week with Hannah, Ozzy’s energy levels drastically changed. He was an older dog, but he played like a puppy once he had his strength back. His foster sister, another dog, also helped him recover.

Ozzy thrived and constantly needed human connection and reassurance. Hannah said that it was life-changing to have that kind of impact on a creature’s life.

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Sick rescue Beagle plays like a puppy thanks to his foster mom