Soldier Adopts Heroic Dog That Was Shot 4 Times And Saved His Life

There’s a reason that we have featured so many articles on dogs. Dogs have shown us what love and gratitude means. Some of the stories we have shown here have been awesome displays of courage and valor. The next story is about a military dog called Layka. She has participated in more gunfights that many active soldiers. While most dogs would be afraid of loud noises like fireworks are gunshots, Layka knows is part of her job to put her life on the line for her fellow soldiers.

Many soldiers, don’t see military dogs is only combatants. For them, they are also family. A family that also puts their life on the line for them. During one gunfight, Layka was sent to find enemies inside a house. She didn’t hesitate one minute and rushed there running to get them. She managed to find the foes waiting for the soldiers. Unfortunately, she paid a very high price for this. She was shot four times and was left for dead by the enemies. Many dogs who sustain such serious injuries would be euthanized. There is no point of having them go through painful rehab and then, not be able to make it.

After the gunfight, she was rushed to a military hospital where her life was spared. The members of her team were very grateful that she was alive. Most of them were very worried that she might have paid the ultimate price. She managed to recover but unfortunately lost one of her legs. She was retired from service because of her injuries. There was one man, Sgt. Julian McDonald who wanted to do something else for her. Julian wanted to keep her home.

He believes that all military dogs that are retired have done enough. They have also earned their right to have a loving home. He adopted her and took her to live with him and his family. There were many people who tried to persuade Julian from not adopting her because they believed she was very aggressive. Julian has small children including a one-year-old boy and they feared she might pose a threat to the little boy’s safety.

The first day, the dog is in the yard and the small boy goes outside to play. The dog lunges at him but to everyone’s surprise, she doesn’t attack. The dog gets or her back subduing to him and lets the little boy play with her. The little boy starts hitting her on the belly. He puts his small hand in her mouth and she doesn’t bite him. She even seems to be enjoying what he is doing.

Everyone then realizes that Layka doesn’t pose any threat to the kids. Julian knows that having lived through so much, she will need to release her stress somehow. Besides playing with her, he works with Layka. He lets her find some bombs and earn a tennis ball. She feels a sense of achievement doing this. He also works with her and her bite. After all, she is a guard dog. Her senses need to be kept alert. This is a way for her to feel that she’s still working without having the excess stress from gunfire. She’s a very loving dog who doesn’t only deserve to be retired. She deserves to be happy and deserves to be honored!

Soldier Adopts Heroic Dog That Was Shot 4 Times And Saved His Life