The cutest and rowdiest puppy becomes the best foster brother

Mack was a rowdy foster puppy who grew to be the best foster brother under the care of Alyssa and her dog, Maya. When Mack was older, he also learned what it was like to take care of a foster puppy like he was.

At first, Alyssa brought Mack home as a foster. She decided to keep him when she saw how well he got along with Maya. It only took a day before Mack and Maya were best friends.

Mack is always looking to Maya for approval and lessons. They got along so well, and Alyssa was excited by their relationship. Mack certainly sees Maya as a mother dog.

Both dogs are always together; even a year later, Mack still thinks he is a little puppy. He still crawls all over Maya and sits on her. Maya doesn’t mind, and she actually loves it.

Alyssa thought it was about time she started fostering more puppies once Mack was well-adjusted. She was slightly anxious about bringing more dogs into her home.

As usual, Mack followed Maya’s lead and experienced what Maya experienced when she was taking care of him. Mack was slightly overwhelmed when the new puppies came in.

The puppies climbed all over Mack, and Alyssa laughed because Mack still does the same thing to Maya. Thanks to his mom, Mack has grown to be a big and sweet lovebug.

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The cutest and rowdiest puppy becomes the best foster brother