The cutest little girl ever helps her rescue dogs eat dinner

Melanie is a little girl who helps feed dinner to her rescue dogs. Some of her family’s dogs have megaesophagus, which is a disorder that causes food to just sit in their bodies.

The dogs with megaesophagus need to eat in a high chair to eat correctly, and Melanie loves to help them sit in it. She ushers them into their place and then brings over their homecooked meals.

Hilary, Menalie’s mother, had never heard of the condition before. They have Bailey chairs which are specifically for dogs with megaesophagus. It helps them get food into their stomachs.

When the dogs are in their chairs, they love to sing to let their family know it’s time for them to eat. Hilary says it is loud and crazy at their house.

Melanie and her dog siblings do everything together. They play together and cuddle together. There are six dogs, and they are her family and her best friends.

Penny, an 8-week-old Husky puppy, was the most recent addition to their family. She also has megaesophagus and learned how to use the chair in two days.

Hilary is thankful to have all of the dogs in her life. She is satisfied, and the dogs bring her so much joy. They mean so much to her and opened up her entire world.

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The cutest little girl ever helps her rescue dogs eat dinner